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"Death and Taxes: Refusing to Pay For War"

Hi, my name's Steev and I'm the director of a new documentary that is in-progress. I need your help to finish it!

The film is about war, peace, and how some people not only don't like war, but they can't abide the thought that they would be helping to pay for war with their federal tax dollars. (see a trailer of the film.)

I've been working as a filmmaker and freelance videographer for several years now, but for the last 2 years I've been doing it as my sole way of making a living. I've been working on "Death and Taxes" with Pan Left Productions for the last 16 months. We raised funds to make the film, with the help of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, in late 2007. However, I underestimated what it would cost to finish the project, and by November of 2008 we had used all the funds we had budgeted - and the film was still months away from completion.

Clip from "Death and Taxes" (rough edit).
A rough edit of the doc is now done, and I estimate that with just another month or two of editing and other post-production, the film will be complete. The big problem is this: I'm broke. I can't continue to work on the film at the level needed to finish it any time soon if I also have to be doing lots of other paying gigs in order to pay my bills and eat.

I live frugally, but films cost money to make, and I figure I need about an additional $3600 in order to get the job done. (update: Since mid-March we've raised over $400, so we now have $3200 to raise.) Can you help? Every little bit is important, because you'll be investing in a film that will get the word out about an important way to make the world a better place. Plus, everyone who donates will be mentioned in the credits!

Thanks for your support!

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